Portable Lightweight Commercial HandHeld Vacuum W/ Blower & HEPA Certified Vacuum Bags, Added Premium Attachments & Micro Attachment Kit

Key Features This Portable Commercial Vacuum comes with 8 AMP motor with thermal protection and provides enough suction with commercial quality. Filter for this commercial quality vacuum should be replaced every 12 months or after using 12 bags This Lightweight Portable Vacuum only weight 5.13lbs (7.14lbs with cord and attachments on vacuum). Makes vacuum easy to move from room to room. Commercial Vacuum comes with 1-year Warranty included (little assembly required). Has 2 prong cord. Includes Shoulder Strap, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Hose Assembly, Upholstery Tool, 2 Qty Wands, Bare floor tool, Turbo brush, Universal bookshelf dusting brush, Premium mirco tool kit, 6 Hepa bags Product Description This lightweight portable commercial vacuum makes for an easy cleaning experience. The shoulder strap that's included with this machine helps transporting the vacuum safely and easily. Fuller Brush FBP-PCV model is designed for cleaning counter tops, table tops, stairs, bookshelves, carpets, hardwood floors, blinds, soft surfaces, tight places like between seats and corners. A easy to use suction reducing bleeder valve clip is built-in to the handle of the hose. A sure lock hose with 2 prongs ensures the hose will not come lose while vacuuming. The vacuum also has a blower port the hose connects to. This vacuum floor brush has a 12 inch cleaning path that's great for covering wide areas. Also includes on-board storage for your crevice tool, dust brush & upholstery tool. Light weight with a 35ft cord length, this vacuum gives you a great range of area to clean from the ceiling to the floor. The filter on this Fuller Brush Commercial Portable Vacuum should be changed every 12 months. If someone in your household is sensitive to airborne allergens, you'll love the 6 extra included HEPA vacuum bags. With little assembly required and the accessories included with this handheld Vacuum- you can conveniently clean all area on your house. This Vacuum is just what your need to clean debris, dirt, and dust in every nook and cranny. This custom bundle also includes a area rug turbo brush for commercial or light carpeting. Also comes with a premium hand turbo that is great for cleaning pet hair or stairs. An added universal bookshelf dusting brush covers more area than the standard dust brush. Also includes a mini set of attachments. Vacuum Bundle includes-Fuller Brush FBP-PCV Portable Commercial Vacuum, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Should strap, Hose Assembly, Upholstery Tool, Wands ( 2qty), Bare floor tool, Turbo brush, Universal brush, Mirco kit, Velcro cord strap, 6 Hepa Bags with 1 Filter. Also includes HEPA media diffuser filter. Additional Information Length : 22 Height : 12.5 Width : 18.3 Weight : 17.4 Condition : New

PRICE: USD 399.00

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