SEBO Service Box for K Series Vacuum with 8 Filter Bags, Exhaust Filter and Pre-motor Microfilter - Part # 6695AM

Key Features Sebo Automatic K Series Service Box Fits SEBO Airbelt K2 Turbo, Kombi, Airbelt K3, K1 Airbelt, K1 Komfort, K1 Pet, K1 Eco, Eco Pet, K2, K3 Premium, K3 Vulcano Vacuum Cleaners Keeps your SEBO Airbelt K Series performing well Includes eight filter bags Includes one exhaust filter Includes one pre-motor microfilter Product Description The Service Box contains eight filter bags, an exhaust filter and a pre-motor microfilter. Can be used with the SEBO Airbelt K series. Additional Information Item Length: 12.8 Item Width : 6.8 Item Height : 3.8 Item Weight : 2 pounds Item model number: 6695AM Condition : NEW UPC : 676224066957

PRICE: USD 59.99

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