Royal Hepa Type J [3 bags per pack]

Key Features Royal Type J HEPA vacuum bags Pack contains 3 bags Traps fine dust and pollen particles to keep air up to 99.9% fresh Suits all standard Royal tank cleaners Product Description Want to have your hard floors shining and your upholstery fresh whilst eliminating all the allergens at home? Royal vacuum cleaners are renowned as one of the world’s oldest vacuum cleaning systems and the brand has been introducing quality products to address the cleaning problems of households. This pack of 3 Royal Hepa type J bags are best suited for allergy sufferers as it traps the fine dust and pollen particles which are common causes of allergies. These bags will ensure that the air returning to your room or home is up to 99.9% fresh. They fit all standard Royal tank cleaners. Removing dirt from deep down is a breeze with Royal vacuum cleaning systems. These powerful and effective cleaners have been saving homeowners time and money for years. For Royal vacuum cleaners with dust collection bags, it is important to replace them before they are filled with dust particles. Emptying and reusing the bags for your vacuum cleaner is not a good idea and it can reduce cleaning efificiency by over 50%. Replacing the bag isn’t a huge chore and the bags are not expensive either. For a wide range of Royal HEPA vacuum cleaner bags, visit Trusted by thousands of customers because we are passionate about cleaning and only stock the highest quality vacuum cleaning systems and accessories online. Item Length : 11 Item Width : 6.7 Item Height :0.8 Item Weight : 4.8 ounces Condition : New UPC : 836301001510


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