Replacement Crevice Tool Attachment For Most Canisters

Key Features Hoover Canister Replacement Crevice Tool Part # 38617017 This is the crevice tool for most Hoover canister models It is black in color, and it uses the plastic knob on the neck of the tool to secure itself on the hose/wand Crevice tool for Hoover Portapower, Spirit, Futura, Powermax, Spectrum, Dimension, Elite, Legacy, Commercial Windtunnels This attachment will NOT fit the following brands: Bissell, Bosch, Clarke, Eureka, FilterQueen, Kenmore, Panasonic, ProTeam, Rainbow, Samsung, Sebo, Lindhaus Product Description Some of the models which takes this crevice tool includes S3299 Spirit Canister S3391 Spirit Canister S3393 Spirit Canister S3393-020 Spirit Canister S3393-040 Spirit Canister S3395 Spirit Canister S3395-040 Spirit Canister S3397 Spirit Canister S3399 Spirit Canister S3401 Spirit Canister S3403 Spirit Canister S3403-022 Spirit Canister S3405 Spirit Canister S3410 Spirit Canister S3419 Spirit Canister S3420 Spirit Classic Canister S3423 Spirit Canister S3425-060 Spirit Canister S3425 Spirit Canister S3429 Spirit Canister S3431 Spirit Canister S3433 Spirit Canister S3435 Spirit Canister S3439 Spirit Canister S3439-070 Spirit Canister S3441 Spirit Canister S3441-031 Spirit Canister S3441-070 Spirit Canister S3443 Spirit Canister S3445 Dimension Canister S3473 Spirit Canister S3475 Spirit Canister S3479 Spirit Canister S3483 Spirit Canister S3485 Spirit Canister S3485-070 Spirit Canister S3487 Spirit Canister S3491 Dimension Canister S3493 Dimension Canister S3499 Spirit Canister S3501 Spirit Canister S3503 Spirit Canister S3505 Spirit Canister S3510 Futura Canister S3511 Futura Canister S3513 Futura Canister S3515 Futura Canister S3517 Futura Canister S3519 Futura Canister S3520 Futura Canister S3521 Spirit Canister S3523 Futura Canister S3525 Futura Canister S3527 Futura Canister S3531 Spirit Canister S3533 Futura Canister S3535 Futura Canister S3536 Futura Canister S3545 Futura Canister S3547 Futura Canister S3549 Futura Canister S3551 Futura Canister S3555 Futura Canister S3557 Futura Canister S3559 Futura Canister S3561 Futura Canister S3563 Futura Canister S3565 Futura Canister S3571 Futura Canister S3575 Spectrum Canister S3601 PowerMax Canister S3603 PowerMax Canister S3603-040 PowerMax Canister S3605 Spectrum Canister S3606 PowerMax Canister S3607 PowerMax Canister S3608 PowerMax Canister S3609 PowerMax Canister S3610 PowerMax Canister S3611 PowerMax Canister S3612 TurboPower Canister S3613 TurboPower Canister S3614 PowerMax Canister S3615 PowerMax Canister S3620 PowerMax Canister S3623 Dimension Canister S3625 Dimension Canister S3627 Spirit Canister S3629 Spirit Canister S3631 Spirit Canister S3635 Dimension Canister S3636-050 WindTunnel Canister S3641 WindTunnel Canister S3643 WindTunnel Canister S3646 TurboPower Canister S7065 Commercial Canister S7065-022 Commercial Canister S7065-060 Commercial Canister S7065-070 Commercial Canister U3317-900 Concept Upright U3335-900 Concept U4245 Elite Upright U4245-030 Elite Upright U4245-930 Elite Upright U4247-016 Elite/ Legacy Upright U4247-900 Elite/ Legacy Upright U4283-970 Elite Upright U4385 Convertible Upright U4407 Convertible Upright U44509 Elite Upright U4455 Elite Upright U4457-9 Elite Upright U4465-9 Elite Upright U4467 Elite Upright U4467-960 Elite Upright U4467-970 Elite Upright U4467-980 Elite Upright U4469 Elite Upright U4481 Elite Upright U4485 Elite Upright U4497-9 Convertible Upright U4507 Elite Upright U4507-9 Elite Upright U4511 Elite Upright U4511-9 Elite Upright U4525 Commercial Upright Additional Information Item Length : 1 Item Width : 1 Item Height : 1 Item Weight : 1 Condition : New UPC : 696736964510


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