Miele FJM 10 Vacuum Bags and 4 Filters - Made by ZVac

Key Features Miele FJM Bags by ZVac 10 Canister Bags and 4 Filters per package For Miele S4, S6, and older S200i, S300i, and S500i Canister Models Superb Filtration Standards - Captures 99% of Allergens Made by ZVac. Generic Product. Product Description To keep your Miele S4 or S6 series vacuum cleaner in optimal condition, you should change your vacuum bag every month or two. Since bags should be changed so frequently, why should you have to pay manufacturer pricing? These generic vacuum bags and filter replacements from ZVac meet OEM standards and offer a high quality product at a fraction of the cost. The bags are designed to resist tears as they are flexible and expand while vacuuming. The filters workto trap airborne particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander that can irritate those with allergies or asthma. These parts are designed to fit Miele S4 and S6 series models, as well as older S200i, S300i, and S500i canister model vacuum cleaners and are comparable to part number 68704. Each replacement bag and filter is made with materials that are highly durable and build to last longer than a standard paper vacuum bag. This product includes 10 FJM Canister Vacuum Bags and 4 replacement filters each designed in the US by ZVac. Made by ZVac. Generic Product. UPC: 608939823907 This is a 10 pack of generic high quality filtration ZVac Miele, style FJM, canister vacuum cleaner bags designed for a variety of Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners. The Miele ZVac FJM Vacuum Bags provide a superior level of filtration performance, capturing 99% of all potential airborne particles and preventing them from being released back into your home. These ZVac FJM Miele Bags are made of a breathable cloth-like material which allows the Miele Canister to maintain optimal airflow and suction strength levels at all times, even while debris is accumulating within the vacuum bag. The Miele ZVac FJM bags have a positive effect on the environment; for every 500 Miele FJM packs of vacuum bags manufactured we have a tree planted in the endangered Brazilian Rain Forest. The Miele Zvac Fjm Vacuum Bags are designed to help improve the working and functionality of your Miele vacuum cleaners. The bags are made from a light and breathable material that allows for greater absorption and filtration from your cleaner. You will notice that the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner would slowly drop over a period of time because of the block in the existing filter being used. By replacing the canister bags and filters from time to time, you ensure that your vacuum cleaner is working at full capacity and it eliminates nearly 99% of all allergens in the surroundings. Additional Information Item Length : 11.1 Item Width : 4.7 Item Height : 6.8 Condition : New UPC : 608939823907

PRICE: USD 17.95

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