Hoover Windtunnel Brush Roll - 15 inch - Part # 48414132

Key Features High Quality Replacement Roller Brush For Your Hoover Wind Tunnel Series Upright Vacuums Fits PoweRunabout, Spirit, Hush Bagless, Mach 4, Mach 3, Powermax Cyclonic, Fusion Cyclonic, Tempo, and TurboPOWER Compare to Part # 48414132, 48414017 & 48414115 Also referred to as an "agitator assembly," "brush assembly" or "brush roller." Product Description This brush roll fits the following Hoover EmPower upright models: UH70005B, U5180-900, U5180-910, U5182-900, U5183-900, U5185-900, UH70005-B, U5753-900, U5760-900, U5786-900, U5472900, UH40125, HOOVER C1660900, HOOVER U5165900, HOOVER U5179906, HOOVER U5260900, HOOVER U5260950, HOOVER U5262900, HOOVER U5262910, HOOVER U5263900, HOOVER U5263980, HOOVER U5265900, HOOVER U5265955, HOOVER U5266900, HOOVER U5266950, HOOVER U5267900 HOOVER U5267980, HOOVER U5268900, HOOVER U5268950, HOOVER U5268970, HOOVER U5269900, HOOVER U5269955, HOOVER U5273980 Hoover EmPower 15 " OEM Roller Brush # 48414132, H601, 38-3419-05 Additional Information Item Length : 0.1 Item Height : 0.1 Item Width : 0.1 Item Weight : 1 Condition : New UPC : 608819398303 Part # 48414132

PRICE: USD 16.90

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