Dyson DC25, DC24, DC27, DC28,DC33,DC41 Replacement Stair And Upholstery Furniture Tool With Red Pet Hair Strips - Part 915100-01

Key Features Fits Dyson DC23 Canister Models, as well as DC24 Multi Floor, DC24 Animal, DC24 Blueprint Limited Edition, and DC24 Multi-Floor Exclusive Works With DC25 Models; DC25 Multi-Floor (previously known as All Floors), DC25 Animal, DC25 Blueprint Limited Edition, DC25 Mail Order Exclusive Works with DC27 Models; Total Clean, DC25 Blueprint, DC25 Mail Order Exclusive, and DC28 Models; DC28 Animal Fits Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor, and DC33 Animal Product Description This is a high quality replacement Stair Tool, or Upholstery and Furniture Attachment designed to fit many of the new Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners, and canister vacuums, including Dyson Models; DC23, DC24, DC25, DC27, DC28, DC33, and DC41. This OEM grade quality attachment is nearly identical in size, shape, and cleaning performance as the OEM Dyson part, and includes the 2 red pet hair attractors on the top and bottom sides of the tool, which help facilitate the pickup of pet hair from carpeting, upholstery, stairs, and other flat surfaces. This Ultra High Air Flow Attachment means more air flow, and better pickup then then OEM attachment, at a better price! Fits Dyson Part Numbers 915100-01, and 915100-02, and works with Dyson Models Listed in the Features. Generic aftermarket tool designed to fit Dyson Genuine Part. Additional Information Item Height : 2 Item Width : 3 Condition : New UPC : 6223566982526


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