Deluxe Replacement Dusting Brush

Key Features Fits all vacuum cleaners accepting 1 1/4" diameter tools, Eureka Mighty Mite Natural bristles Beige in color This brush use real horse hair Product Description This deluxe horsehair dusting brush is part of the best in breed cleaning series. The bristle fill is composed of natural materials for gentle cleaning and extended life. The opening is 1.25" inside diameter.The softer PVC case that surrounds the bristles is pliable and designed to give when needed to better form to the hose coupling. The exterior material is also non-marring and wont scratch furniture or leave marks on the work.Fits standard vacuum connections at 1.25" (32mm) friction fit. Typically works with central vacuum wands and canister vacuums. Additional Information Item Length: 1 Item Width : 1 Item Height : 1 Item Weight : 4.8 ounces Condition : New UPC : 696736934438


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