Central Vacuum Installation Kit For All Homes Rough-in Built-In CVac 3 Inlet Kit With Pipe by Zvac; with 68 Foot of Pipe

Key Features This kit has 68ft of pipe! Most all you will need for a DIY central vacuum installation kit with all fittings and pipe by ZVac (Excluding the CVAC attachments and central vacuum main power unit) Top quality pipe and fittings all are developed and made in North America by GoVacuum and The ZVac central vacuum engineers of Chantilly, Virginia in America! Fits all brands and makes and models using 2" OD pipe (the standard since 1974 in The USA). Works in new and exisiting home construction and fits all brands including Nutone, Beam, Eureka, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, HP Vacuflo, Hayden, Broan, Electrolux, Honeywell, Canavac, Riccar, Simplicity, Imperium, MD, ZVac, Cyclovac & all other brands! All central vacuum pipe and fittings in our installation kit are high quality to ASTM F2158 standards! Compared to our standard install kit, this kit Includes 20ft extra feet of pipe, 25 extra feet of low-voltage wire & 5 extra couplings. See below for all contents of this ZVac rough-in kit for central vacuum cleaning systems. Product Description The ultimate all in one central vacuum rough-in kit so your home can have a central vac easily installed. If you're thinking about installing a built-in central vacuum cleaning system, then look no further! ZVac the makers of the best central vacuum cleaning systems on the market today bring you the all in one ZVac central vacuum installation kit. This kit has 68 feet of pipe and is enough for standard 3 central vac inlets. The Kit includes: 68 feet of pipe (17 pieces of pipe 4' long each) 2 -Sweep T 90's (for connecting the inlet pipe together) 3 - Short 90's (for backing plate of inlet) 6 - 45 fittings (for pipe installation) 9 - Long (sweep) 90's (for pipe installation) 6 - Pipe clamps (for holding the pipe up) 11 - Pipe couplings (for connecting pipe in a straight run) 3 - Inlet Backing plates (backing plates for mounting the central vacuum inlets to the wall studs) 3 - Standard Low Voltage Inlets (this is where you plug the central vacuum hose in to) 1 - Small bottle of glue (for gluing pipe together, be sure to apply glue to the outside of the pipe- then place in the fitting - try not to get glue inside the pipe itself where dirt travels) 1 - Bundle of low voltage wire (check local laws about requirements of low voltage gauge before installation!) This all in one central vacuum kit is enough to cover up to 2,300 sqft of a home (actual coverage size will vary depending upon home layout and locations of central vacuum inlets). This rough in kit by ZVac does not require oversize shipping rates as most others do! You can always buy more inlets and fittings if needed. This ZVac install kit uses standard central vacuum piping, fittings and inlets that are to ASTM F2158 standards. Never use schedule 40 pipe for installing a central vacuum system! Additional Information Length : 48.4 Width : 14.2 Height : 9.8 Weight : 25.6 pounds Item model number : ZvacCvacInstallKit68FT

PRICE: USD 149.95

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