Austin Air Allergy Machine (HM405) Replacement (FR405) Filter Pack - White

Key Features Replacement Allergy Machineâ„¢ HEPA/HEGA Filter Pack (FR405) includes all 4 filters to replace the set that comes in the unit Includes 60 sq. ft. of true, medical-grade HEPA to filter 99.97% of allergens, bacteria and viruses to 0.3 microns Integrates a military-grade HEGA carbon cloth after the HEPA for optimum removal of reactive gases, odors and VOCs 2 pre-filters trap larger particles and prolong the life of the HEPA Product Description Austin Air FR405 Filter Replacement Pack replaces all four filters that come with the Allergy Machine Air Purifier (HM405). Includes the main filter assembly (True HEPA filter, HEGA carbon cloth, and medium-particle pre-filter), plus the large-particle outer pre-filter. Removes allergens and other airborne particles, plus odors, smoke and gases from indoor air. Austin Air Allergy Machineâ„¢ HEPA/HEGA Filter Replacement Pack (FR405) replaces all four filters that come with the Austin Air Allergy Machineâ„¢ (HM405). The Allergy Machine's 4-stage filtration system is designed for best all-around protection from allergies and asthma. The system integrates military-grade carbon cloth with true, medical-grade HEPA to clean air of the smallest airborne particles and chemical gas contaminants to become HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption). Additional Information Item Height : 17 Item Width : 15 Condition : New UPC : 769100040513

PRICE: USD 249.99

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