3 pack of Generic Nutone CV391 Central Vacuum Bags

Key Features Generic NuTone Central Vacuum Bags-Style 391. Fits all models including CV350, CV353, CV450, CV750 except CV850.3 Nutone Central Vacuum Bags - Generic Bags. Generic replacement bags are good quality. Compare to OEM item # CV391. Product Description If you live in a household with allergies, these replacement style 391 bags are the best choice for your Nutone Cental Vacuum Cleaner. The bags are compatible with all NuTone Central models, including CV350, CV353, CV450, CV750, except CV850. They filter out dust, pollen, ragweed, smoke particles, and pet dander from air circulation. These bags are high quality replacements for part CV391 and meet OEM standards. Additional Information Item Length: 0.7 Item Width : 0.8 Item Height : 0.1 Item Weight : 8 ounces Item model number: 784891774492


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