25 Eureka RR Bags For Eureka SmartVac Upright Vacuums Using RR Bags - Fits All Models of Vacuums Allergy Filtered Paper Style RR Vacuum Bags by ZVac (25, Eureka RR)

Key Features This listing contains 25 Eureka type RR upright vacuum cleaner bags from the ZVac brand by GoVacuum.. These Eureka RR upright multi-ply bags are microlined bags which have an inner liner of electrostatically charged filter material which captures airborne allergens.. DEVELOPED IN USA; Using premium manufacturing and high quality materials for durable, long lasting upright RR vacuum bags.. Eureka RR vacuum cleaner bags fits ALL Eureka SmartVac upright vacuum claners using type RR bags.. We also sell these Eureka RR bags on Amazon in a 3, 6, & 10 package! Product Description This is for 25 Eureka RR bags developed to fit all Eureka SmartVac upright vacuum cleaners using Eureka style RR vacuum bags. These are high quality filtered paper bags that are a great choice for homes with people who suffer from allergies. Our ZVac brand of Eureka RR bags are designed and developed in America, right here in Virginia at the GoVacuum home office. These type RR vacuum bags fits ALL Eureka SmartVac upright vacuums that calls to use the type RR vacuum bags. These Eureka RR bags use multiple layers of paper filtration and will fit exactly in to your 4800 series Eureka Smartvac. Our generic Zvac RR bags can be used in place of Eureka part number 61115, 61115A & 61115B. Additional Information Item Length: 8.9 Item Width : 7 Item Height : 5.3 Item Weight : 1.9 pounds Item model number: ZVacBagsUprightsJH

PRICE: USD 15.95

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