Eureka 4870 Smart Vac 1 Year Supply Kit - Bags, Belts, HF2 HEPA Filter and Pre Filters

Product Description This 1 Year Supply Kit includes the following items:18 Eureka Style RR Premium Vacuum Bags (6 packages of 3 bags) Part# 61115A2 Eureka Smart Vac Motor Filters (replaced every six months) Part #700821 Eureka HF2 HEPA filter Now with Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminator (replaced once a year) Part #61111B1 Eureka Style R Extended Life Belt Part (replaced once a year) #61110AAll Genuine Eureka parts!Product DescriptionProduct Description GoVacuum has conveniently packaged this 1 Years worth of supplies for the Eureka Smart Vac model 4870 to save you time and money. Included is all supplies you'll need during the year. The new HF2 HEPA filter is now packaged with Arm & Hammer odor fighting material, great for homes with pets! Will fit all Eureka Smart Vacs 4800 and 4880 series. Additional Information Item Height : 1 Item Width : 1 Condition : New UPC : 608939746664

PRICE: USD 36.99

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